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Scoop du Jour: Sarah's House II

My favourite designer, Sarah Richardson, returns to the airwaves with Sarah's House 2, on Tues. Sept. 30 at 9pm ET/PT on HGTV Canada. Sorry, you US-folks won't be able to catch this awesome show, but you may be able to find reruns of season 1 in your local listings.

Its an intriguing show... over the season, Sarah takes you through the house selecting and buying, the demolition, the design, and the entire renovation. That's right, she renovates a place from top to bottom, then sells it at the end of the season - hopefully for a profit!

She offers renovation and design tips along the way that any homeowner can appreciate. Sarah was also pregnant throughout the filming of this season (her second daughter arrived about a month ago), has a 2-year old, is filming another show (Sarah's Cottage) simultaneously, and runs a thriving design practice so it'll be interesting to see how she juggles all those demands! Its quite a different house this time around - a more suburban looking 1950's ranch backsplit. I'm thinking this one will be a bit more contemporary with mid-century elements.

Here's some pics from Season 1 to show you what the fabulous Sarah can create:

*a little insider's story for you: Sarah asked the purchasers of Sarah's House 1 to leave her a note saying if they wanted to include any of the furnishings in the purchase. She found a post-it note on the front door with one word: Everything! Now that is what I call 'move in condition' ;)

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