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Pattern Inspiration

by - Friday, September 12, 2008

It must have started with the wallpaper in our dining room, a bold modern floral print. I don’t how it happened, but lately I am consumed with patterns…I’m craving patterns on the walls, on the bed linens, on the carpets, on the sofa. My old place was all calm, soothing neutral tones. And now, all I want is bold, graphic, contrast, textured. I’m starting to plan the guest bedroom and these are the looks that are inspiring me.

How about you... anything you are just loving these days??

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  1. Anonymous11:58 PM

    I thought that WAS your dining room. Those are pretty pics.

    I am currently into shopping at vintage and thrift stores for pottery vases from the 40s to go into my own new kitchen's top row of glass cupboards. I've found some pretty ones, and it's so much fun to look.

    Have I commented before? If not, I adore your blog, your style and your reno.


  2. Love your blog.
    We are in the process of redoing the master bedroom and I thought I wanted colour but it looks like I'm going to be buying white paint or a version of white that isn't too cold.

  3. jbhat - I'm starting to look at vintage pieces for display in my kitchen too. So far, I love anything jadeite!

  4. annavallance - thanks for dropping by! I've had that dilemma myself...I've thought about white for the bedroom too and letting the accessories and linens provide the pop of colour. I think my love of wallpaper will win though and I'll have some sort of colour (maybe tone-on-tone) on the walls.


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