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All About You

by - Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thanks to all you folks who took the time to answer my survey last week. I’ve learned lots of interesting things about who drops by Rambling Renovators:

  • a whopping 95% of you dear readers are female and almost 80% of you are married. I guess that means if the occasional “HandyMan is driving me nuts!” or “Ooh, I just love this cute sweater from Banana Republic” posts appear, only a few of you won’t relate to it ;)
  • most readers are from central and eastern US states, and from Western Canada and Ontario
  • the majority of you read only 10-20 blogs a day… which makes me feel a little freakish because I have 103 blogs in my Google Reader :o\
Quite a lot of you took the time to leave me your blog address – thanks! I am making my way through the list and have found some great new reads. Maybe you’ll find some too:

So what is it you like to read about when you visit my blog? No surprise here, but the Top 3 Faves are the Before & Afters, the DIY, and Renovation Tips. Close behind are Product Selection tips, and the My Life posts (really?!). You folks seem to like my design style (though I myself am still not quite sure what that is), inspiration pics, and the “ripped apart, dust and grime shots”. Sounds good. I’ll deliver more of the same ;) What you don’t like…contests (good – because I don’t have anything to giveaway), and local resources (though the 10 of you from Toronto would probably beg to differ!)

And finally, you guys have given me lots of ideas for a Question & Answer feature I’d like to do on the blog. Some of you have specific design questions you’re grappling with, like what to put in that empty space above the sofa, or how to make your laundry room cute and functional. If you’d like, send me in a photo at and we’ll help you tackle that design dilemma!

So, that’s All About You in a nutshell. Thanks for all the feedback… I’ll take it all to heart. Very nice to meet you!!

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  1. I just found your blog! I think via freckleschick? Anyways -- love it and can't wait to see more!

  2. Sorry to screw up your numbers of having 100% female readers. :-)

  3. Wow, now that's what I call comprehensive results!

  4. Thanks for the plug! I'll have to take you up on the offer to tackle my own design dilemma!

  5. Thanks for dropping by vamh!

    Corey - no worries :) Without you reading, I may be liable to post pregnancy-related posts all the time... and nobody wants that ;)

    mrs.leah.maria - I used Its an awesome free survey tool.

    You're welcome michael!

  6. I didn't get to meet the boys , I think they are so cute, my husband used to call Steven my boyfriend ,,he he , I always said I would love to work with him , now this is close . I should go to a taping.

  7. Seeing as how stats are part of what I do for a living, I am impressed! Keep the lovely posts coming =)

    And thank you for the publicity!! You're the best.

  8. How fun to find out who your readers are and why they love your blog. I might have to try a survey on my site like this!

  9. thanks for the plug!! now i like you even more:)


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