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Guest Bedroom: Fabric & Colour Palette

by - Monday, October 13, 2008

We had a wonderful long weekend. Not only did temperatures feel almost summer-like, but HandyMan and I got to share our baby news with all our relatives at Thanksgiving dinner. Though having babies is not something new in my family (I have 26 first cousins), each blessed event is happily celebrated. HandyMan, on the other hand, is the last baby born in his family -- 40 years ago! So, he took a bit of ribbing about being ready to handle a newborn. Luckily, my nephews have given him lots of practice :)

HandyMan has been busy writing updates for his Wine By Design book which is coming out in paperback. But come next weekend, we can finally focus on starting the guest bedroom/nursery. So where to begin when you have a blank slate of a room to work with? Well, I always look for inspiration for the colour palette. That can come from anywhere - a piece of art, bedding linens, a decorative object. I like to start with fabrics, primarily because they combine both colour and texture. We made a trek to our favourite fabric store, Designer Fabrics, and here's some of the things that caught our eye:

The fabric will be used for curtain panels, for a window seat cushion, and for some decorative pillows on the bed. I'd like to pull the paint colours from the fabric so choosing the fabric first will really set the direction for the rest of the room. Since HandyMan and I have decided not to find out the sex of the baby, we're working with a unisex palette. Here's two schemes we came up with...

In the end, we decided on the grey-taupe-butter yellow scheme. I love the look of ticking stripes in a baby's room. Not sure if we'll go with stripes on the window seat or the diamond pattern. The swirly pattern will go on the curtains and will catch your eye when you walk into the room.
Next up: we snuck over to HandyMan's office and borrowed some wallpaper samples from their design library. We've got some grasscloth, some tone-on-tone metallics, and textured patterns to test against the fabrics.

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  1. I love it! I keep deciding I like one over the other, but then I flip flop! Fantastic choices!

  2. I liked the grey/taupe/yellow scheme on the right before I read it was your choice. My reasoning was that it seemed more neutral than the other one which had a blue flowery type pattern.

    Oh, wallpaper and paint colours. Are you going to do an accent wall or some sort of chair rail type thing as in the dining room?

  3. Thanks mrs.leah.maria... its so much fun picking out fabric for a baby's room!

    donna... yes, we liked the more neutral scheme too :) I am thinking of doing an accent wall of wallpaper behind the headboard and paint the other walls. It depends on the wallpaper we end up choosing. If its not too busy or 'loud', we may use it on three walls. The window wall will be covered by cabinetry and the window bench so that wall will be just painted if needed.


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