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by - Monday, October 27, 2008

HandyMan and I spent the weekend zipping around town in search of bathroom materials.  Tiles, toilets, tubs, vanities... you name it, we saw it.  Mind boggling, it was.  It was worthwhile though.  We got a few things figured out... like, there are only 3 options for a 54" bathtub in all of Toronto.  And that the beautiful chrome deco style vanity I posted a picture of probably won't work for our bathroom.  (Yes, it's lovely but it still leaves us with no storage or counterspace).

In the tile department, we were a little more lucky.  We've decided to do a tile carpet to add some interest.  We found a great basketweave tile from Saltillo in carrera marble and moonstone.  We'll border it with moonstone pieces and then larger marble tiles.  I've always loved tile carpets.  They add texture and have big impact especially in a small space.  The tile will look great peeking out from under the vanity.  Here's some inspiration pics:

Now finding wall tile to go with the schmancy floor tile... that was a bit more difficult.  We found a good option and HandyMan put together a sample board.  More on that in another post!

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