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Bathroom Progress

by - Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Here’s a few pics of the bathroom progress. Please ignore the ugly tub front... unfortunately, this is the only model we could find to fit the space. I’m hoping down the road to put on a new front just like Just Beachy did with her tub.

So what’s been done…demolition, plumbing lines moved for the toilet and the new showerhead, wall behind the tub has been framed in, and electrical rough-in for the 3 potlights, 2 sconces has been done. Drywall will go up soon and the in-floor heating will be installed. And that marks the end of the contractor’s work…maybe… we’re now contemplating whether to just get him to do the tiling too and have the job done. HandyMan is studying for some architecture exams and really doesn’t have much free time over the next few weeks. But again – there’s the budget to consider. What to do, what to do…

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  1. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Our son's/ guest bath has a crazy design on the front of it too, but we don't even notice it because the rest of the room is too cute. So will it be with yours. Maybe not cute, but perfectly elegant perhaps.

    I vote that you just pay to get the job done. Help this wretched economy of ours.


  2. Hey, for the guts of a bathroom that's looking pretty good! Also, I love your last post. Jeremy and I have definitely over-renovated for the value of our home and neighborhood but it's ours and what makes us happy. So keep on keepin' on! I can't wait to see it finished.

  3. I say pay for guys have been through enough. good luck!

  4. Wow that is exciting . Ok what is with the tub apron designs , who is doing that . My total for my apron is standing at $45.00 including the marble. I should go do that .

  5. Tiling is not for the faint at heart or the time pressed , for what you have planned{which is stunning } have it done right , there's my two cents .


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