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Water Works

by - Thursday, December 04, 2008

This isn't the most exciting of posts, but here are the fixtures we ended up choosing for the bathroom.

I've shown you the Kohler petite vanity before. We saw it in the showroom paired with the Kohler Lyntier bridge faucet and it looked divine. The vintage faucet style has some oompfh and the high gooseneck design gives some clearance above the somewhat shallow sink bowl.

In the shower, we went a bit more modern in style. It was all the salesman's fault! :) He showed us different options if we mixed and matched pieces from different lines... I didn't even know you could do that. A few of our requirements:
- A slide bar with handspray in place of a fixed showerhead. This would make it easy to accomodate my and HandyMan's different heights, and easy so I could take the handspray down to clean the tub or soon Baby HandyLuster
- A thermostatic valve so we could set an automatic optimal water temperature

We ended up with the valve from Grohe (though ours will be a double-valve with thermostatic and volume control), and Hansgrohe slide bar and handspray. The Unica slidebar the salesman recommended has a pin that you use to lock the location of the handspray along the bar. He said it was better than other 'suction' type models which tend to slip over time.

For the handspray, okay, maybe we went a little overboard. We got the Raindance E150 Air Jet model. It is oversized at 6" and when coupled with the slidebar, it can be tilted overhead to function more like a rain showerhead. The "Air Jet" part is pretty cool... it injects a stream of air along with the water, which makes it feel like you have more water pressure. Supposedly it will feel like taking a shower in a waterfall. Sounds pretty yummy to me!! Now I just have to sit wait before I can enjoy all this watery goodness.

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  1. LOVE that vintage faucet!!

  2. I like the faucet, too. Very cool! Looks like everything's coming along really well over there! :-)

  3. I found you today via IKEA Hacker [awesome office, by the way!] and I just wanted to tell you that I am so impressed with your work on your house.

    I'll definitely be back to watch your progress... perhaps it will inspire me to work on my own darned house! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous! You know that this bathroom will make it hard for you to leave the house in the mornings on time, right?


  5. I love the shower I want one of that type for my kids shower and ours, did they have a lot of options other styles I am having a hard time finding that time.
    Looks great ,

  6. Thanks phoenix, Julia!

    Welcome Kelly! Thanks for visiting.

    jbhat - I am already dreaming of long hot showers under that rainfall showerhead, lol.

    Chris - the showroom we went to had a lot of different options, but it was only open to the trade. If you're ever in Toronto, one place I recommend is Tubs -- tons of choices in their showroom!

  7. I'm coming over from Ikea Hacker, too! I love your office, I blogged about it today. =) I can't wait to see how the rest of your house turns out.


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