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Reader Question: Lindsay's Bedroom

Lindsay wrote in recently with her bedroom design dilemma:

I have no choice but to block a window with my bed. My room is VERY small. I really want a headboard but am not sure if it is appropriate to block the window. (There is still another window on the adjacent wall.) I guess what my question is, is if I am forced to block about 1/3 of the window what style of headboard should I go with? Something with cut-outs so that it allows light through or can I get away with a solid?! Or should I just forget about a headboard totally?

The window is not centered on the wall behind the bed. UGH! I think that could make for tricky times too! Here are some stats on the room:
- IT'S SMALL. Very SMALL but we love it! : )
-I've tried to put the bed on the wall with no window but it looked horrible. And made our small room even smaller.
-This is the bedding that I have already purchased for our room and some pics of the room

The size of the room and position of the windows does present a challenge Lindsay! I think a headboard in front of the window would be fine. If you have to block it, then I would say go all out and make the headboard a standout feature in the room. You could do something upholstered with tufting details, or something in a bold colour. A vibrant orange would go with the bedding you've chosen.  Just be sure to add other orange accents around the room.

To balance the proportions of the window, you could put a sheer in front of the window flanked on either side by drapes. Keep the look symmetrical by putting the side tables you have on either side of the bed (though painting them both in white will help them tie into each other and to the bedding more).  Adding mirrors above the side tables can also help reflect sunlight from the other window and bounce it around the room.

Here's a few inspiration pics that illustrate some of these same design principles:

Hope that helps Lindsay!  Do any of you readers have other suggestions for Lindsay?

If you have your own design dilemma, send me an email at!

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