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Scoop du Jour: Sarah's Cottage

by - Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Anyone who reads this blog knows I'm a big fan of Sarah, so I'm eagerly looking forward to her new 6-episode series, Sarah's Cottage. Filmed last summer, this series chronicles Sarah's makeover of her own cottage - while she's 6 months pregnant! I've seen what Sarah can do with a swank city space, so it'll be interesting to see how she beautifies a rustic, casual cottage. Painted floors, a bunkie, living 'off the grid'...can't wait to see what its all about! HandyMan has a cottage that is in dire need of a makeover itself so I'll definitely be taking notes.

The series premieres March 31st, 9pm, on HGTV Canada. For you US folks, I've heard rumours that the series will be shown in the US sometime later this year under the title "Sarah's Summerhouse".

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  1. Wow I hope it would be available here in China too..

  2. Handyman has a cottage? We require pictures. :-)

    The queen and I have been lusting over cottages the last few days. If you show pictures we can then also live in your house, at least vicariously.

  3. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Um, you can't just drop that Handyman has a cottage and not elaborate. And if it's by a lake, I will need an address and directions, pronto! I LOVE a lake cottage.


  4. My SIL boss SAW the cottage , I think we should get in by association , don't you ?
    I hear it is pretty fully loaded with all the bells and whistles , we shall see.
    March 31st huh , thanks I had been wondering when it would be on .

  5. corey, jbhat - HandyMan does have a cottage by the lake. But it is definitely a fixer upper, full of 1970's second hand furniture and fixtures! Another thing to add to the To do list :)

  6. Chris - we definitely should be invited over :) I can't wait to see what's she done with the place.

  7. WOW! Nice blog post, I like sarah's cottage...

  8. Laurajane9:55 PM

    I'm curious- wasn't she about 6 mos pregnant with Sarah's House II? Or is this a 3rd baby? I only ask out of love :)

  9. I hadn't heard about this show--dying to see it!! Hope they take pity on us here in the States and run it here, too.

  10. Good eye Laurajane... Sarah filmed both Sarah's House II and Sarah's Cottage at the same time last summer when she was pregnant with baby #2.

  11. Well i have been so inspired here to try some of the things I have seen Sarah do. I love her designs.

    I am very very bummed that we here in the states (OHIO) are not seeing only reruns. With this being such a hit show i can't believe we are NOT seeing it.

    Come on USA we want to see what Sarah is doing with that cottage too. PLease Please run this for us on whatever channel so we can see it. Very much appreciated.

    i love how she thinks thru all the things when designing. Thanks so much Sarah you are awesome.
    Friends in OHIO


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