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Its been a while since my last post, with good reason. Let me introduce you to the little lady that has had HandyMan and I preoccupied the past week...

Chloe Arlyn
Born April 14th
6 lbs 7oz
19.25 inches

It wasn't exactly the birth experience I envisioned, but one I wouldn't trade for the world. Chloe decided to do things her way and arrived in the world face up :) She's a content little baby, crying rarely, and easily soothed. HandyMan and I are amazed at how quickly our lives have changed and how deeply, madly, overwhelmingly in love we are with this child. I now know what that feeling is, that feeling that your life is changed forever - for the better - that other parents talk about.

My home feels fuller now, even more like a home. Not only because Chloe's room is done, another piece of the home reno puzzle completed. But because there was a gap I didn't even know existed - and Chloe has filled i
t up. You dear readers have filled in some of the cracks and crevices too. Do you know how sweet it is to read all the kind and thoughtful messages you've left on my blog? I'm in awe that strangers would take the time to wish us well on our journey to becoming a family. I'll cherish those thoughts, and this moment in time forever.

We've quickly settled back into our routine. Friends and family were over for a homecoming barbeque yesterday. My life is full :) And
when the visitors have left, and the house is quiet and still, this is what my world revolves around... the two loves of my life, filling me with joy and peace.

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