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Baby Is On The Way!

by - Monday, April 13, 2009

24 hours...that's how long my doctor told me I likely have before I'm in the throes of labour. And that was at my appointment 10:00am this morning so if we do the math people...yes, Baby HandyLuster is likely on his or her way :) All signs point to Go. I've had some symptoms of impending labour - things have dropped, things have loosened, and things are starting to feel really really really uncomfortable :o\ And if the experience of my mom and sister with childbirth are any indication - things are gonna happen really really really fast!!
So, this is probably my last post before we (cross my fingers) become a family of three. What a strange, surreal thought.

Time to show you all the room Baby will be coming home to. Its not quite done... the banquette cushion, curtains, and glider fabric won't be done until Wednesday. And we haven't figured out the radiator mesh or the shelf above the window yet. But its good for now. We'll be co-sleeping in the beginning, with baby's crib in our room. That explains why this doesn't look like your typical nursery. Instead, it'll be our calming escape room. A room for Grandma Wanderluster to stay the next few weeks as she helps me learn the ropes as a new mom. A room for HandyMan for when he just needs a full night's sleep and mommy and baby aren't letting him have one ;) A room for me and baby where we can lie on the bed, window open, breeze blowing, birds chirping outside... and I can just sit there and look in amazement at this tiny little thing that came out of me. How wonderful is that :)

The room before...

And the room after...

You can see the Ikea Pax wardrobes we made to look like built-ins. The baskets will eventually sit on a shelf above the window and the banquette will be a comfy spot with curtains, pillows, and cushion. The wardrobe on the left houses linens and the one on the right has baby's clothes. I've put some stickers on the drawers to help keep things organized.

A few of my favourite details around the room...

I especially love the picture ledges and the art wall. On the ledges, we have some of HandyMan's childhood books, a painting I did, a photo of the Eiffel tower taken on our honeymoon, and a moon and star handmade by baby's Aunt Kim and Uncle Kevin. I love personal touches in a room. And if you look closely, you can see some of the potential names we've picked out for baby ;)

On the art wall, you can see the Catherine Ledner armadillo print, my favourite little painting of a nightie and stockings on a clothesline by Alison MacKenna, and some etsy prints by munieca and mariajanosko.

And that's the baby's room. All we need now is baby :)


UPDATE: To see what the finished room looks like as a nursery, click here, and updated as a toddler room, click here.

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  1. Yay! How exciting!!! The nursery looks fantastic.

    I hope everything goes smoothly and both you are healthy and happy! xoxo!

    p.s. I predicted today on the ExpectNet pool. ;)

  2. Yay! Hope it all goes well! The room looks fabulous!!

  3. The room looks fabulous but will look even better once your little one arrives. All the best for the next few days and I look forward to seeing the completed project - baby and all!

  4. This is such a special time for you and your husband. All the best to the three of you! What an adorable nursery.

  5. How exciting! You are so calm, I love that about your posts!

    The room is beautiful, the animal wall stickers (especially that fat birdy!), the headboard, the faux built-ins. You guys created a peaceful retreat for sure.

    Good Luck!

  6. all the hard work and unique touches have made the nursery so beautiful and welcoming, hope baby HandyLuster is here by the time you read this.

  7. That is very exciting! Hope everything goes smoothly.

    The room looks great. I especially love the little birdie on top of the light switch! haha

    I'm not sure what you guys are planning for the radiator cover. I saw a Holmes on Homes episode where they just used wood slats (probably 1x2 with 1" spacing) to cover a radiator, and I thought that was a good idea as the wood wouldn't heat up enough to hurt little fingers. I would also recommend some foil-backed insulation against the outside wall.

    Good luck!

  8. Very exciting! Congrats!

    And I looooooove the room!

  9. Caroine10:25 AM

    I wish you and your family the best!!

    The room is adorable and you can tell how much effort went into

  10. congrats! i hope everything is going well with you and the new baby!

    the room looks great, i love the colors and all of the personal details. the wardrobe system with the window bench is my favorite part :-)

  11. AHHH! I'm getting goosebumps! I do hope for you that this is your last post!!!

    FWIW I can't pick a favorite angle of the room. It's absolutely beautiful!

  12. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Oh, Wanderluster. It's just as sweet as can be. You all are going to love spending time in there.

    Good luck with your labor and delivery! We cannot wait to meet this little one.


  13. Love every single bitty part of the is stunning! What a perfect place to bring home a new baby! And I love the name Grayson (it is actually #4 on our list of future options...that's right, there's a list!).

  14. The nursery is lovely!! Best wishes for an easy delivery ;o)

    Have a Happy Day!

    (I admire those who wait to be surprised, I was never that patient, lol~ Can't wait to see if it's a boy or girl!)

  15. I love the room. The best design addition is yet to come: Baby Wanderluster. Hope things are going well.

  16. What a beautiful, well thought out room. This will be one lucky baby.

    Good luck in the upcoming days and weeks!

  17. It's so beautiful! Good luck!! :)

  18. Ooooh so exciting!!! Good luck =)
    The nursery looks awesome!

  19. What a lucky little baby to have such a wonderful home (not to mention wonderful parents). Best of luck and may you all have the happiest "birthday."

  20. The room is gorgeous,unique and whimsical.

    Good luck and I wish you the speediest, safest delivery!

    : )

  21. Eeeeeeeeeee!! A smooth labor & delivery to you, my dear! Can't wait to *meet* the little one.

    The nursery is stunning. Simply stunning, as always =o)

    (Love the potential names!)

  22. congrats on the new addition! the room looks great!!

  23. wow beautiful room, looks mighty warm in there!

  24. the room is lovely. Love the little bird perched on the switch plate. Wishing you all the best.

  25. Did she explain why there's no crib in there? Is the baby sleeping in the bed? I must have missed that post...

  26. That looks absolutely amazing. I love the decals on the walls. Wish you the best.


  27. It's even prettier than I thought it was going to be! Well done! The baby will be happy and cozy in it's new room!

  28. Oh baby HandyLuster... we are all so excited to finaly meet you. Your mama and papa have worked so hard to make your home ready for your arrival. Try to go a little easy on your mama, and don't keep us in too much suspense :)

    Good luck to mama and papa

    Take care,

  29. YEAH! Congrats!!!!!!

  30. OMG , I notice no posts since Monday does this mean the inevitable, baby is here .
    The room is sheer perfection , what a lucky baby.
    Good luck , keep us posted .

  31. What a precious nursery! I'm sure Baby Handyluster will love it! I hope your labor went smoothly and that you're home now and enjoying every moment with that sweet little baby! Congratulations!

    McGee (and Mike)

  32. I love every little detail! The color scheme, the built-in makeover, even your labels are soo cute. This will be a wonderful room for baby to grow up in. I know what you mean about co-sleeping...we will be doing the same thing. Such a great way to bond too. Good luck with your labor and keep positive - baby will come out when ready! So glad to see you guys come so far!

  33. Can't wait to meet your newest family member via your blog! The room is so incredibly fabulous! hugs from Conroe, TX!

  34. This nursery is adorable and I'm sure you're little lady will love it. Congrats.

  35. Your baby is beautiful and so is her room! Being a mother is truly the most amazing will be in complete AWE of how BIG your heart will get. It will just blow your think it can't get any bigger and it does, over and over. :)

  36. LOVE this room! The yellows and blues are perfect!! You little one is sooo CUTE!
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    I hope you decided to follow me because I try to bring my readers a new and AMAZING giveaway every Monday!

  37. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Congratulations! as by now your baby is here! I love what you did with the nursery. I am now in the process of selecting a good 'yellow'; I am going to test the cream silk (?)you have on the walls. Is it yellow or cream in reality? I was curious, did you make that headboard? Love it! great job on every detail..I also love the labels on the drawers-so smart!

  38. Anonymous7:26 AM

    I love your nursery!!! It's adorable!!!! Congratulations!!!

  39. Where did you find your rocker? Gorgeous room!

  40. i am also interested in your glider. where did you get it? is it comfy?

  41. I love your nursery room!just adorable,I can attest to them being extremely comfy & looking even lovelier in person.Congratulations!!!thanks for sharing your blog.

  42. Beautiful and perfect baby room! :) I love the color palette you used. I was confused though by the lack of crib. LOL.

    Maybe it's in the master bedroom?

    You have a lovely blog, I'm now following you. :)


  43. I just looove all the storage!!

  44. Love your blog! Following you!

    I love the picture ledges. Where can I get them?


  45. Thanks Miss Marinelle! The picture ledges are from West Elm but I know Ikea also carries them.

  46. Ginette Quintilio12:50 PM

    Hello! I love your blog, I've been following for quite a long time now. Your nursery look has definitely held up and still looks fresh and timeless. I was wondering if you had any advice about your glider rocker? I have similar one that is cherry and I need to either spray if myself or have it professionally done in white. Any deas? Did you need to dismantle it? Did you slipcover the cushion or re-upholster if yourself? Thank you SO much!

  47. ramblingrenovators12:50 PM

    Hi Ginette! Ours was white when we bought it so we didn't have to paint nor dismantle it. Spraying or hand painting depends on how long you think you'll keep the rocker. I think hand painting should be fine - I haven't noticed ours get scuffed up much. If you do paint it, go with a more durable paint meant for furniture (like Para Paints Melamine paint which I used recently on the retro chair remodel). We had a seamstress make the covers for the backrest and arm rests. She used the old covers as a pattern for the new ones so they fit nice and snug. We reupholstered the ottoman ourselves (very easy to do). Hope that helps.


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