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7 Things...

by - Sunday, May 03, 2009

Seven interesting facts about my little Chloe...
1. She has unusually long fingers and toes (she gets that from her daddy!). Her fingers are so long that baby mittens won't fit her because she likes to keep her fingers stretched out and not clenched into a fist like other babies. We've resorted to putting socks on her hands, lol.
2. If she was a boy, Chloe would have been named Grayson or Evan. We couldn't decide. But Chloe was the only girl name picked out. I think we knew she'd be a girl :)

3. She is a hiccupper. She hiccupped all the time in the womb, and now hiccups after every feed. They seem to troubleher mommy more than they trouble her... she'll cry to be fed even while she's hiccupping :o\ Good thing she doesn't have teeth yet or mealtime could be very painful, lol.

4. She has very strong neck muscles. When she came out of the birth canal and was placed on my chest, she promptly lifted her head and looked around. I'll admit that freaked me out a little bit and Chloe seemed a little 'alien' like in that moment :o/ You just don't expect a newborn to have that much neck control!
5. At her 3-day appointment, Chloe lost 8oz from her birth weight. At her next appointment one week later, she had gained 16oz! Normal weight gain is around 6 oz. The doctor nicely told us to stop force feeding her every 2.5hours and let Chloe start demand feed. You can say she's a good eater ;)

6. Chloe has a mullet. Her full head of hair is all business up front and party in the back!!
7. She has blue-grey eyes. Asian babies tend to have brown or black eyes at birth and Caucasian babies have dark blue eyes, so again she takes after her daddy who has blue eyes. I'm hoping they stay this colour.

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