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by - Friday, May 08, 2009

Soft and feminine. That’s the pattern of the roman blind we finally installed in the bathroom. We had a bit of a problem deciding what type of pattern to have on the blind. The room has a spa-like palette, all whites, soft greys, and watery blue-greens. We could have gone with a bold or modern pattern to punch things up but in the end chose this floral with a slight oriental feel.

The only question now is whether to keep the vinyl film we had installed temporarily on the window or remove it. What do you think? We have a big maple tree out front which is now full
and leafy so we really don’t need the film for privacy.

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  1. I really like the fabric! Do you expect to need the privacy of the film in the winter when that maple tree is bare of its leaves? If so, I'd leave it there. I don't think it detracts from the overall look of the room, in fact, I really like how the horizontal details map onto the horizontal contrasting tiles on the wall.

  2. m4layne1:23 AM

    I like the way it looks with the Roman shade and the bathroom tiles.

  3. Anonymous4:18 AM

    Ditto on Amandas comment--I REALLY like the fabric you chose!!

  4. I love them together; we have this problem too - in the summer I want the view but the rest of the year I don't want the neighbours to view me!

  5. Anonymous2:34 PM

    I think leave the film. It looks good in the photos. If you don't love it in person, maybe take it off. The new shade is GORGEOUS.


  6. Anonymous7:22 PM

    I agree, leave it. And I too love the shade.
    IF anyone has a double hung window (unlike yours with the whatever-it's-called at the bottom to open the window) I strongly suggest a bottom up shade. Then you get the privacy on the bottom and the light on the top. You might want to do a decorative treatment on top still but it works really well.

  7. It seems unanimous... you all like the film and the blind together. I think we'll keep them! Thanks for the input.

  8. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Where did you buy the vinyl film? I also live in the GTA and I'm looking for a source.

    I love your home thank you for sharing.

  9. Hi Anon - we bought the film at Home Depot.


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