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A Little Stripe of Satin

by - Sunday, December 06, 2009

When you live on a street where all the houses look the same, where every second house has a black door and a red wreath, sometimes you want your place to stand out a little. And when you have a 7 month old and you've been reading The Cat In The Hat too many times, this is what you come up with :)

- All you need is some red satin ribbon and leftover white paint.
- Lay the ribbon down on a spare piece of plastic or any type of surface that you can get paint on.
- Put three pieces of painters tape side by side on an angle across the ribbon. Remove the second piece of tape. This will expose some of the ribbon which you will paint white.
- Reusing that second piece of tape as a spacer, add more pieces of painters tape until the full length of the ribbon is taped.
- Make sure to press down on the edges of the tape so the paint won't seep underneath.
- Paint all the exposed parts (I did two coats) and remove the painters tape after the paint has dried. You may need to use an exacto knife to get the tape to remove cleanly.

Take your ribbon and loop it through your wreath. You'll notice that the unpainted side of the ribbon is visible on the back side. So that you don't see this, just put a fold in the ribbon so that the unpainted side flips towards the door. Secure the fold to your wreath with a safety pin. Et voila, a Cat In The Hat / candycane striped ribbon.

Another tip: We didn't want to put a nail in our nice new door to hang the wreath, so we secured the ribbon on the top of the door using a thumbtack.


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