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Fun With Food - 7.5 Months

by - Monday, December 07, 2009

Its been about 5 weeks since we started Baby Led Weaning with Chloe and in that time her progress in feeding herself has been pretty impressive. We started out giving her strips of vegetables like peppers, carrots, green beans and sweet potato fries, and some fruits (bananas, cantaloupes, and avocado on rye toast are her favourites!). In the beginning, she would have trouble manipulating the food and holding onto it. Most of it ended up on the floor. For the pieces that she did get in her mouth, she'd lick or suck on them but not really get a bite.

The fear of choking though was our biggest obstacle. That fear is something every parent has, whether you are doing BLW or not. But as was explained in the BLW book, there is a difference between choking and gagging, and so far (fingers crossed), Chloe has only ever gagged. I think the first time was with a piece of pear. She managed to bite off a piece about half the size of your thumbnail and was gumming it, but it seemed to have fallen back into her throat. She started gagging and scary as it was, HandyMan and I had to sit back and let her work it out. She leaned forward in her highchair and did what we adults do when we gag -- coughed, tried to move things with her tongue, and eventually spit out the offending piece of food! She has only gagged maybe once or twice more since that time.

Nowadays, Chloe is really good at judging how much food she can eat. I cut her food into 3" pieces and she'll usually put only about 3/4 of an inch into her mouth and take a bite. She's gotten so confident though that sometimes I have to tell her to slow down with her eating! And she's become so independent that she won't let me spoon feed her at all. We do swim class once a week and I give Chloe rice cereal on those days so she won't be hungry - but that crazy little girl won't let me feed her. I have to put the cereal on the spoon, put the spoon down on the table, and then Chloe will pick up the spoon and feed herself. I have a feeling that this little baby will grow up to be quite headstrong - yikes! :)

So enough yabbering. Here's a little video of Chloe eating dinner of spinach ravioli and roast chicken. Oh, and splashing herself with her sippy cup. I think this is all pretty incredible... not just because Chloe is my child, but because in 7 short months she's gone from a tiny, helpless baby to one who sits up and feeds herself. Time is going by way too fast. 'Sniff.

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  1. Aw. She is absolutely adorable :)

  2. spinach ravioli and roast chicken?
    what a lucky girl!!!!!
    Looks like she thoroughly enjoyed it too :)

  3. I love how excited babies are by food. She is cute.

  4. Anonymous1:43 AM

    Just watching Chloe eat made me salivate... :) She's adorable! Great facial expressions!

  5. Love this...reminds me of my Charlotte. She fed herself and never ate baby food. Not that I didn't was heartbreaking tossing the homeade frozen mush out! Enjoy these times. Sooo cute.

  6. Anonymous12:11 PM

    What a little person she is! It's truly amazing. She's so expressive. I love it.


  7. This was fascinating to watch as a non parent! Truly amazing and adorable to watch!!
    I also agree with Carol-Ann that it sounds amazing. Now I know what I want for dinner!!

  8. She is too yummy. You will be glad you caught an everyday moment like this on tape because they really do grow up too fast.

  9. We also plan to do blw, and oh my goodness I hope the sprout is that cute! Now, what a great post to get people to comment for more cans :D

  10. I am dying. I love her. Go Chloe, so proud of you! She is going to have to come over and teach her friend John some of her tricks : )

  11. I can't get enough of those cheeks! and watching her experiment with banging her cup and responding to you saying "splash" and doing it some more and closing her eyes! I love how every moment for babies is like being a scientist exploring a strange new world - she made my day! as the mom of a 14 and 11 year old,thanks for the trip down memory lane...

  12. LOL--I suddenly have a craving for spinach ravioli & roast chicken too.

    I am SO proud of darling Chloe. I can't imagine how you must feel! Way to go both of you (& Mr. HandyMan)!

  13. hahah!! She's so cute! But that sippy cup is bigger than her wonder she got mad and banged it a bit!!!

  14. So cute!!!!!!! Wow, is she 7 month old already? Time flies.


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