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Tree Hunting

by - Thursday, December 10, 2009

We took Chloe hunting for her very first Christmas tree recently. And when I say hunting, I mean we headed to Sheridan Nurseries and picked one out of the 100 or so lovely trees they had strung up to the rafters. I was so excited about the whole thing... for Chloe to look in awe at the giant trees and touch their prickly needles, to see all the decorations and pots of pointsettias, to smell the evergreen boughs. I would imagine that Christmastime for our baby is just as much fun as it is for us adults. There are so many new things to experience!

For me, some of my fondest childhood memories are of the holidays. I remember all the prep and cooking and cleaning for big family parties. How we would go visit my cousins on Christmas eve and come home to find Santa's gifts beneath the tree. And the traditions... leaving cookies and milk out for Santa... singing Christmas carols... taking an annual picture beside our tree. I appreciate now how much effort my parents put into creating that Christmas magic for us four kids, and I want to do the same for my own child. I would love to create some new traditions for our little family. Do share... what are your favourite holiday traditions?


One more day folks to help out my Cans for Comments drive! For every comment left on any of my posts from Dec 6-11, I'll be donating a non-perishable food item to the Daily Bread food bank. We're up to 66 items, yay!!

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  1. What a creative photo!! You have a great eye to have caught or thought of this...

  2. Great photos. Now is the time to start making traditions and memories with Chloe.

  3. cute photos :-) my favorite holiday tradition is going to cut down our own christmas tree. i still do this - i have to have a real tree - but as i've gotten older there have been times (like this year) when we've bought one from a lot. in my hometown another tradition was to go to the nearby zoo and see the "winter wonderland" light display that they put up every year. best of luck with creating your own new traditions!

  4. When me and my siblings were little, I remember putting out cookies and milk for Santa, but my favourite part was that we also put out carrot sticks or raisins for the reindeer. It seemed extra special because not everyone would do that.

    And also the event of going (and hunting down) and cutting down our Christmas tree; then as our 'rents strapped it to the roof we would have hot chocolate and cheese and crackers as a "tailgate party".

  5. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Mm, Christmas memories. Although I don't go to church anymore, and we as a family also do not (I know--such heathens), I recall with great pleasure the sights and sounds of the late Christmas Eve services at the Episcopal cathedral we attended. Everyone looked so lovely in their Christmas finery, live trees and red poinsettias were everywhere, and the nave was so fragrant and warm. At the end of the service, the entire congregation would quietly sing Silent Night by candlelight. (As I grew older, this would always make me tear up with emotion.) We kiddos would be so sleepy, we'd pass out in the car on the way home...and in the morning we'd magically wake up in our jammies to find what Santa had brought for us. We'd have set out the cookies and milk, and most importantly, we'd have tucked the Santa Key under the doormat for him so that he wouldn't have to go down the chimney, before leaving.



  6. Lovely post...yay for Chloe's first Christmas :)

  7. Anonymous7:28 PM

    We always (and still do) take a photo of the kids sitting in front of the tree on Christmas morning holding their stuffed stockings. Another tradition we have is that we buy a Christmas ornament for each child based on something they liked/did/visited that year. We stopped when the oldest was 20 as he wasn't really into it any more, but they each will have 20 special ornaments to take with them when they set up their first trees. I also recorded why we chose that ornament in a book so we wouldn't forget.

    Christmas is so fun with children, isn't it. Have a wonderful time.

  8. Wow that is such a beautiful shot on the ornament! Its going to be an awesome memory for her first Christmas =)
    Errr holiday traditions for us is mostly just spend time together and eat? lol

  9. Janell - the ornament was about 2 feet round so it was hard to miss the great reflection!

    Thanks Sharon!

    Katie - ooh, they have a light display here at City Hall! We should take Chloe to see that. Great idea ;)

    Shauna - aww, that's too cute putting out food for the reindeer. And I love that you had a family tailgate party. Too fun!

    jbhat - I have similar memories of falling asleep at midnight Mass, lol. We don't have our fireplace in so I may have to borrow your key idea ;)

    Liz - I know! Can't believe how fast the time has flown.

    Sylvia - What a wonderful tradition with the ornaments. Even more special when you can reminisce about why they were given.

    Shanny - eating is our biggest tradition too, ha!

  10. Carolyn4:32 PM

    My daughter went to school in New Orleans, and so I started a small white tree in my den, with a New Orleans theme, purple and gold lights.

    You could start a small theme tree in another room of your house, and pick whatever she likes.

    I know as soon as my daughter has a permanent place, she's going to take that tree out of my house.
    She even started choosing some of the ornaments that go on it.


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