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by - Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy OALASWI Day, Chloe! Out As Long As She Was In...40 weeks less one day - that's how old you are now. And my how you've grown...

You are a sweet child, so good to me and your dad. You are curious and fun and a joy to have around. You're crawling all about now and will try to pull up on the furniture, so long as mommy is there to catch you if you fall. A natural water-baby you are; you love your swimming classes, always splashing about and showing no fear when being dunked in the water. You love to play with your toys especially the ones that you can bang together to make some noise, and reading books with your dad is one of your favourite things.

You have a friendly nature and always laugh and smile at other babies. I see you trying to keep up with your older cousins, crawling and rolling about more in their presence. When you make your mind up, you do it! Your independent streak is already starting to show :) We're still working on sleeping through the night, but you nap great during the day, feed yourself well, and even let me know when you need to go to the bathroom. You're going up way too fast sweetie, and your mom gets all sad at the thought that you will soon be one and no longer a baby. But that's okay, because you're doing what you have to do. Grow, little girl, grow.


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