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Light It Up

by - Saturday, February 27, 2010

We finally have some snow on the ground. Of course we should - its winter and I live in Canada - but this winter has been surprisingly light on snowflakes. One thing I love about this time of year is seeing all of the seasonal lights on the houses, twinkling and shimmering, giving off warm glows beneath puffy mounds of snow.

HandyMan recently came home with a new light for over the new front door. I'll admit I was skeptical; the vintage bubble type light we currently had seemed fine to me. But he was right. The new light really made our snowy facade look great! Have a look:

Exterior 2008:

Exterior 2009 - old light:

Exterior 2010 - new light:

While the old light gave more overall light and highlighted the door frame, I think this new light focuses on the door and makes it really pop. Plus, it's stainless steel and works well with the stainless steel house numbers and door hardware. We'll have to change the railing to stainless as well eventually, to make the exterior cohesive.

One of our neighbours even told us our house now stands out and looks straight out of a postcard and that's pretty great considering all the houses on our street look exactly the same. Goes to show you that sometimes, all you need is some flattering lighting to bring out your best features.

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