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La Salle De Bain C'est Fini!

The bathroom is finished! Yes it is. The last piece of the puzzle, the door, is in. And I am so excited, I must speak en français! You see, HandyMan and my most favourite city in the world is Paris. We love the Parisian sense of style and we try to imbue a bit of that in our designs. So here is our take on a Parisian bath... touches of marble, mirror, black and white, and vintage signage.

But this door wasn't always so lovely and we had quite a bit of trouble with it. HandyMan doesn't do doors (they are troublesome creatures!), so we waited to get someone to install this one. And when I say waited, I mean we bought the door and had it sitting in our garage for the last six months ;)

Opportunity finally came knocking and we asked the folks who installed our front door (which we love by the way) to install this interior one while they were here. It would have been fine... if it was the skilled young guy who did it and not the old-and-didn't-know-what-he-was-doing, barely-spoke English, never-seen-these-type-of-hinges-or-door-lock guy. So that's how we ended up with a butchered door that didn't close properly, chopped up trim, ugly wood putty patches - and a door installed BACKWARDS with the frosting side out!!!

Argh. Goes to show that not everything runs smoothly in the world of renovations. Being the kind of people that HandyMan and I are, we knew we couldn't live with this pimple, this blight, on our pretty bathroom. Plus, the decal wouldn't stick on the frosting side - and that is one reason why we got a frosted door in the first place, so we could have a pretty decal! So we had to get it fixed. And in our moment of desperation, we told the fix-it guy something you never ever want to say to a contractor -- "I don't care how much it costs. Just make this problem go away." Lucky for us, Mr. Fix-It is a good guy and did a great job at a reasonable price.

And now it is lovely. C'est magnifique!

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