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Artist Spotlight: Chris Langstroth

by - Thursday, July 08, 2010

It looks like its going to be another hot weekend here in Toronto. Hopefully it won't be too much of a scorcher as we're hoping to head out to the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. I look forward to this show every year. Its great to see such varied art works from established artists to unknown students. One booth we always make a stop at is that of artist Chris Langstroth.

We love the textures and colours of his paintings. I would love to have one of his large paintings in our living room one day but for now they're a little out of the budget.

Have you invested in original art for your own home? It would be great to have more in our home, but I find there always seems to be something more pressing to spend our $ on.

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  1. Anonymous1:25 AM

    We picked up a painting while in Maui on vacation, similar style all done by a pallet knife. We didn't expect to buy art on that trip but an ocean painting just spoke to me. There are always more pressing things to spend money on but we figured it was an investment and I don't regret penny pinching for few months to make up for it one bit!

    Thanks for brining this artist to my attention!

  2. Maybe I'll see you there! I'm heading there this afternoon. I have never spent more than $100 on art pieces around my house, although I would love to. But, you're right, you could spend it on something else, unfortunately :( Have a great weekend!

  3. Anonymous8:49 AM

    We finally took the plunge and bought an original art piece for our home. I love it, everyday I love looking at it, it makes me so happy. It's in our dining room (which is also the living room and kitchen, one big huge open space) and I love how the colours have brightened up the room, now I'm adding pillows and an ottoman in the colours from the painting to tie it all in. Worth every penny, my husband and I feel like such grown ups now :)


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