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How I Use an Inspiration Board to Design My Home

by - Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Do you have an inspiration board? We do. It sits in our office and features an ever evolving collection of magazine pages, paint chips, sketches, photos, and bits and pieces of ephemera picked up along our travels.

inspiration pin board{click on the picture to see it in detail}

This is what the board looks like today. Its funny how some things on the board are new additions while others have been there, well, since we started the board three years ago! And while I'm not the type to exactly replicate a look I see in a magazine photo, its cool to see how some of the inspirations are skewed and twisted and turned and reinterpreted into our own home (like the striped stair runner and the white kitchen cabinets).

When I look at the board, I guess I get a sense of what our general style is like - new traditional with classical details and some pattern thrown in. Do you keep a design folder with pages torn out of magazines? Or is your inspiration board a virtual one with hundreds of links to favourite online images pinned to it? Tell me - how do you stay inspired?

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