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Faking It...

by - Sunday, July 11, 2010

...the laundry room, that is. HandyMan and I are still pondering the basement design. We thought we were close to figuring out the layout weeks ago, but the pantry turned out to be too small and as some of you pointed out, we may want to have our food storage away from the furnace. Back to the drawing board we went.

We're close now and have pretty much narrowed it down to one layout option but we still had problems visualizing the space. So what can you do in that case except tape it out on the floor and use a bedsheet and duvet to simulate the walls.

That's the area for the washer, dryer, and bar-sized sink to the left there. Glamourous, no?

Its funny, we must have drawn up about 15 different options. After really thinking through the space and the merits of each plan, the one we're going to go with is the simplest of them all. We're basically dividing our existing laundry room/storage area into two rooms. And apart from taking out another wall to open up space, most everything else stays the same.

I know what you're thinking. I asked myself the same question - why bother renovating at all then? We could surely make the space more livable by making just some cosmetic decorating changes. Well, even with redecorating we'd have a lack of storage space and we wouldn't have a finished laundry room. The more I looked at photos of laundry rooms, the more I wanted a nice, clean space with a finished ceiling, new drywall, and plenty of counterspace. But I had to see it taped out first because even though logically the new plan gives us more usuable and functional laundry space, the current space is bigger; we're actually going to have a smaller laundry room. We needed to make sure small wasn't too small, you know?

And it isn't so all we've got to do is draw it all up, figure out furniture and built-in placement, and do the electrical plan. Then we can finally get this show on the road!

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  1. i'm such a visual person, so this sounds like something i would do. i wouldn't have probably thought to put up sheets though.....clever! i think it's this kind of precision during planning that will make your space everything you want it to be. i can't wait to see it finished. we want to finish our basement also. well, it's already finished with walls, etc. we just have to paint, put flooring down, decorate, etc.

  2. Would never have thought of taping the lines out on the floor and hanging sheets to simulate the walls, I'll have to remeber that for next time, very clever.

  3. Good planning takes time and thought. Looks like you guys are really doing both. Eek, can't wait to see how this process unfolds!

  4. Anonymous6:06 PM

    The nice thing about this plan is that it leaves back-of-house stuff like storage, water pipes, and city vents etc untouched and all together. Before we were trying to put a nice laundry room in a corner where all the servicing was - which was dumb (and expensive). Now, back-of-house stays as it is and the laundry can have a nice ceiling with no bulkheads. And this plan means we can finish less area, move less servicing and thus reduce overall cost.

    The only thing we lost was the nice little nook with the bookshelf - which I really liked but o well..


  5. I LOVE having our washer/dryer on the first floor of our house; we have a breezeway off the kitchen with a door to the front yard and a door to the back yard, and the washer, dryer, and a sink are in there too. It's so convenient! No more treks down 2 flights of stairs to do laundry! Great idea with the tape and sheets! I am a very visual person so that would help me out a lot in deciding.

  6. We will one day be re-doing our laundry room, and something I am looking forward to is functional storage space and having a small countertop area to fold clothes on! I think laundry rooms don't have to be huge to be functional! It's all about lay-out! Good luck!


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