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Children's Art Display

by - Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Red cup on green paper" - by Chloe, June 2010

The little one has started to come home from daycare with works of art that she's made. I adore these charming pieces but the question is, what to do with it all? I'd like to display some of it but how? Should I use sticky tack and put it up on her bedroom walls and create a collage
source: Design*Sponge via The Boo And The Boy
Or maybe I change out some of the items on her picture rail and display the art in various sized frames, like in these photos?
If I get enough pieces, doing something like this would be fun... scan all the individual artworks and create a poster out of them!

source: Ohdeedoh

I like this idea too... create a chalkboard canvas. Rather than have a whole chalkboard wall, having a canvas like this elevates the art and makes it seem much more sophisticated and special, don't you think?

source: mycakies

Do you have a budding Picasso at home? How do you display their art?

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