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Vacation Happenings

by - Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 1 - cough
Day 2 - fever
Day 3 - laryngitis
Day 3.5 - eye infection right eye
Day 4 - eye infection left eye
Day 5 - freakout

You'd think I was talking about Chloe but no, that list of ailments belongs to HandyMan. He had a rough go of it during our mini vacation. Add to it the fact that Chloe decided to barely eat a thing the whole trip, throw tantrums whenever we stepped foot inside a restaurant, and scream and cry the last 1.5 hour drive home (causing herself to vomit and thereby leading to HandyMan's freakout of day 5) and you'll understand why we need a vacation from our vacation. I'm sure you parents can commiserate.

It wasn't that bad though. We had a great day at the beach, visited some lovely antiques shops, and got some work done around the house before and after our mini jaunt. The break from the routine was welcome too. Don't you just love waking up with a clean slate ahead of you? We had impromptu picnics in the park and explored down dusty country roads, just because we could.

In case you're ever up for a road trip in South Eastern Ontario, here's a few places you might want to stop into:

MacCool's Re-use (Picton): a big old barn filled with antiques and retro pieces. There were some old worn farmhouse tables and cool vintage lighting that would be perfect for our craft area. They deliver to Toronto too.

Funk and Gruven (Belleville): We weren't planning to stop in Belleville but this shop caught my eye as we drove by. Such a great mix of pieces. I fell in love with a vintage stenographer's table that had a real industrial chic vibe but its moving parts would be too tempting for Chloe's little fingers. The owner Mike was really friendly and knowledgeable. We'll definitely be making a trip back there soon!

County Traders (Bloomfield): A good stop if you're looking for tables, hutches, dressers or other case goods.

Barriefield Antiques (Kingston): Another shop filled to the rafters with treasures. They have a bit of everything - dishware, toys, case goods, clothing, pottery. You'll have fun digging around.

Alleycat Antiques (Kingston): Mike at Funk and Gruven recommended this store to us and he was right! Literally in an alley way, its 4000 sq ft of antique treasures. All the prices were negotiable and I picked some great things there. They had a really good collection of old photos, original art and prints. Go early because they close shop at 4pm!

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  1. Thanks for these places! My husband's family is from Cornwall, so we make it over there a couple of times a year and pass by these lovely places you mentioned. Looks like we are hitting these up next time!

    P.S. We just came back from vacation and noticed our little guy had multiple temper tantrums...maybe it's the break from routine??

  2. So . . . I'm thinking for Mr. Handyman's benefit that maybe you should stick to renovating and not vacationing. :( Hope all is well now!

  3. Darn it! I wish I had known you were coming in my direction (live in Kingston)! Would have totally loved to welcome you for an iced tea or something!
    (Hopefully, this doesn't sound weird!)

    Another good place in the area you were fishing around in is The Great Deseronto Antique Emporium. Would be on your way east from Picton toward Kingston.

    We just love Prince Edward County. It's a super awesome hidden gem that only a few Torontonians have discovered. I'm glad you found your way there.

    Keep my email on hand in case you ever feel adventurous and come back this way - I'm always up for a drive to the county too!

  4. Sounds like quite the vacay!! Love the store list - will have to make the trek at some point. I love Kingston so I think I would enjoy a bit of a mini-break out there!

    Hope everyone is feeling better!

  5. Gawd! After all that, and you still have the grace to provide some awesome links? You are amazing.

  6. ah that is no fun that your guy was sick the whole trip! glad you had fun at the beach and all the fun antique shops!

  7. shannon - I think you're totally right. As soon as we got home, Chloe seemed like her old self.

    Leah - that would definitely help us get more done around here ;)

    Filia Artis - And I would have happily accepted that invite for iced tea! I'll let you know next time we're out there. It was my first visit to Kingston and I definitely want to go back.

    Lifebegins@thirty - a tiring vacation is still better than no vacation! We're all good now.

    Holyoke home - Enjoy the links! Maybe you make a trip up to these parts? :)

    Sharstin - his time wasn't so good but I had a blast, lol

  8. Oh my goodness, what a holiday that was. Family vacations with young kids sure sound like fun. You had me worried but then once you listed the impromptu picnics and fun antique hunting in my old hood (Kingston) it sounded like it was memorable.

    Good to have you back.

  9. I totally remember those days and it makes me appreciate the nice quiet car ride I now have. It's funny we went on a mini-vacation to Prince Edward County this summer as well. I have a couple of posts about it that I'm working on. We didn't make it to any of the antique stores you listed, so I guess we will just have to go back. You wouldn't have to twist my arm too hard - it was gorgeous there.

  10. Ooh, thanks for the shop recommends! I'm going to have to plan my Toronto to Monteal bathroom breaks with these in mind! *lol*


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