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Antique Shopping

So I did a bit of shopping on our vacation. I bought a mix of things, old and new, stuff for me and lots of stuff for the kid. I'm a cheap antique shopper and anything with a price tag over $20 makes me think long and hard. I realize some of the things are old and rare, but really, if I didn't buy it, it would just sit gathering dust until it disintegrates or its finally put out by the side of the road with a "Free. Take Me" sign overhead... right?

Good thing I found some stuff at a price I was willing to pay :)

1. Got these little matryoshka measuring cups at the Urban Outfitters in Kingston. I thought these would be the cutest addition to Chloe's play kitchen. She loves to stack things so these nesting cups are big hit.
2. I LOVE this wooden carry-all I got at Funk and Gruven. Its solid and weighty and has a nice worn look. I think I'll use this in the craft area and store it with paintbrushes or little jars of buttons or beads or crafty things.

3. Also got this art pad at Funk and Gruven. Its used to give things a faux bois or fake wood look. Considering that Martha Stewart just came out with a paint kit complete with faux bois tool, I'm guessing its going to be a trendy look soon. Not sure where I'll use it yet. Maybe make a faux picket fence on the walls of Chloe's play area in the new basement?

4. I'm not sure what it is but I'm fascinated by antique tools lately. I hadn't seen anything like this folding ruler before. I already have a few yard sticks so this is nice to add to the collection.

5. Love this old school photo from Alleycat Antiques. The vendor told me if I looked real hard I may find the same person 2 or 3 times in the same photo; the photographer would take multiple photos and splice them together to create a single "yard photo" (a yard in length, naturally). I've seen photos like this in large groupings and they really give a dramatic look.

6. Of course I had to buy some milk glass to add to the collection. Found these milk glass salt and pepper shakers at Alleycats.

7. Like I said, vintage tools are really doing it for me. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these clamps. I saw a photo in this month's House Beautiful of vintage skipping ropes piled in front of a large modern poster that might have influenced this purchase. The juxtaposition was really cool so maybe I display the clamps with or on something really clean and modern.

I also bought this old chalkboard at a little place on Stanley Street in Bloomfield. Cute! The plan is to paint Chloe's play area in the basement with whiteboard paint so this little chalkboard can be hung on top of the chalkboard wall and provide a nice pop of colour.

I also bought a few other things I don't have pictures of: large old sugar sacks I plan to make pillows for the play area out of just like these featured on The Marion House Book, and some tiny chairs found at FOC that will go with Chloe's red table. Oh - and I bought some other things to make the play kitchen but you'll have to wait for the next post to find out what those are!

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