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Play Kitchen Progress

by - Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I've been working on the play kitchen when ever I can get a spare moment. Its been such a fun project. I'm getting more comfortable with the power tools but I still have to say my favourite part is the decorating and accessorizing. With the base cabinet for the sink built, I could finally get into the fun stuff - picking handles and knobs and fabric.

We found this faucet at the Habitat ReStore. It was the perfect teeny tiny size and only cost $15. Score! For the handles, we made a trip to my favourite source for cabinet hardware - Lee Valley Tools. Lee Valley is a DIY dream store. Its full of all sorts of tools and gadgets and gear for woodworking and gardening. Their online catalogues are worth a look and you can order many things online and they deliver internationally.

We ended up picking this handle. It'll be used for the play stove door and the fridge door. I really love the vintagey look of the hardware. The rivets on the handles give a utilitarian look I quite like. We got these knobs for the dials on the stove, and we picked up this long handle to act as a rod for a dish towel on the side of the play sink.

And here is the fabric I picked. Its so yummy I could eat it up!! The fabrics are from the Meadowsweet 2 collection by Sandi Handerson for Michael Miller fabrics. I purchased a bundle of five 1/2 yard pieces and an extra yard from etsy seller freshsqueezedfabrics. I hope to sew a cover for the opening under the play sink, make coordinating tea towels, and maybe an apron for Chloe too! Pretty ambitious considering I haven't sewed anything in 5 years... and I'm not even sure where the sewing machine is... and if I did find it, I don't know if I could remember how to thread it! I guess power tools aren't the only things I need to practice with.

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