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Almost Famous

Is that...? No, it can't be...

Photos of Chloe... photos of Chloe published in a BOOK!

Yes, my little pumpkin has taken her first step towards stardom, haha! All courtesy of this ol' blog. You see, I wrote this post and this post about our adventures with Baby Led Weaning and the UK author of the book contacted me. She liked my photos and wanted to know if I'd be interested in submitting photos for use in the new Baby Led Weaning cookbook they were putting together. Would I?? Umm, YES please! And that's how my daughter got published :)
Her photo is the first one in the book, right before the Contents, and the biggest in the book! I think she's pretty cute with her 7-month old chubby fingers & cowlick (though I may be biased!).

I can't say enough about BLW. It has been an easy and fascinating food journey for us over the last twelve months. From six months on, Chloe was able to feed herself solid foods. Because she was doing the feeding, and not us, her dexterity came early and quickly, she learned to judge portion sizes (and would push out any excess with her tongue), and we had no choking episodes at all. And now at 18 months, Chloe is an adventurous eater (her faves are sushi, anything with tomato sauce, and sweet potato). She is now transitioning to cutlery and is getting very good at using her fork and spoon at the same time.

If you'd like to know more about Baby-led Weaning, you can get the book here or pre-order the US version of the cookbook here. Now, quick, somebody get this kid an agent!*

* just joking. I have no desires to be a stage mom!

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