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Brown Paper Packages

by - Friday, October 29, 2010

"Brown paper packages, tied up with string, these are a few of my favourite things!" Maybe it was seeing the recent reunion of the Sound of Music cast on Oprah, but walking through Ikea recently I just HAD to buy some of this kraft paper (a bargain at $1.49 for 8m/26ft!). Immediately, I had visions of creating a vintage Christmas... HandyMan's childhood ornaments decorating the tree, handmade gifts, and presents wrapped in kraft paper and twine.

These images are inspiring me...

Color Me Pretty (via decor8)

Maybe I'll try out the faux bois tool I found this summer and try making Martha's wood grain paper too!
Have you started thinking about the holidays yet?

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  1. Blondie5:18 AM

    I love kraft paper as well. I found a lot of different plain, colored and printed kraft paper and bags at

    I even used a scarlet and gold patterned style in my wedding for gift bags, with gold and white striped tissue. It looked great!

  2. Yes! Halloween isn't even here yet and I am dreaming of Christmas! Can't wait to start decorating:)

  3. I love the look of wrapping presents with kraft paper! I may steal the idea to use doilies!

  4. Um, of course!! These images are very inspiring too:)

  5. Sometimes the similarities between us spook me, in a good way. I was looking through an old Martha magazine and saw brown kraft paper used to wrap gifts all year round. I have always been known for wrapping gifts among my family and friends. So after passing some kraft paper while at Michaels a few weeks ago I thought I should start this tradition of wrapping soon. To see this post seems like another sign. I will have to wait until my next 50% off one item coupon to grab me a roll.

    Take care,

  6. Have I EVER! :) haha Just wait until Monday.. the holidays will hit my blog as well!

    Hope you have a great weekend Jennifer

  7. So simple yet so pretty. I love it!

  8. Yes! Love brown paper package gifts!


  9. Great, simple look.

    I start buying stocking stuff in the summer when I see anything cute. I'm almost done for them, and now comes the hard part of the PERFECT gift for everyone.

  10. I still love craft paper for gift wrapping, I used it last year too. I'm thinking about the holidays early this year, I want to be ready. Loving your inspiration pictures.
    Have a fun day today.

  11. The brown paper gift wraps are awesome. Interesting stuff!

    For color trends of Heimtextil 2011/2012 and trend reports of the same, visit or

  12. Love this idea!! i've used brown paper for presents before - sometimes as wrap for kids gifts and I have Liam colour on it!! Always seems to make a hit at the party -

  13. Oooo, I love the brown paper bag with doily idea.

    I'm planning to wrap gifts in my old Stendig calendar.

  14. i can't stop thinking of them. these wrapping ideas are fantastic, thanks for sharing!

  15. Ooooh, these images are inspiring me too! Love them all! Thanks for sharing!


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