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The Basement Plan...For Now

by - Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We're getting ready to start on the basement soon. I know, its been a while since I first mentioned the basement reno... but these things take time... not to mention it takes a really long time for me and HandyMan to decide on a layout... and we're still tweaking it.

So here is where we're at. Its a bit different from the last layout options I showed you. The upper part of the plan hasn't changed much from what we have existing. The bathroom footprint stays the same but we will be redoing all the finishes - tile, flooring, fixtures, paint. The large laundry room will now essentially be made into two rooms - (1) an unfinished storage area, and (2) a smaller but more functional laundry room with wall to wall cabinetry and lots of counterspace.

The lower part of the plan is where all the fun stuff happens. We're taking out the wall that separates the craft area and the entertainment area to create one big space. In the craft area, I'm envisioning a few floor to ceiling pantries and a long countertop. One of the "tweaks" we still have to decide is where to put the workstation. We may put it in the bottom left corner, have the countertop drop to desk height, wrap the corner, and then drop again down to banquette height.

The banquette across the whole southern wall is my new favourite feature of the room. I really wanted a craft table, but with four chairs, plus the workstation plus Chloe's play area all in the same vicinity, space was getting really tight. So, we've incorporated a long banquette - the banquette adds storage, does double duty providing seating around the craft table, and gives Chloe a great place to lie down and read a book. The craft table will also be on casters so it can be moved out of the way as needed, further opening up the space.

I think space planning is the hardest thing to get right. The basement isn't a huge space so to fit in all of our "must haves" was a challenge. I wish Chloe's play area could be larger, but then that would leave no dedicated space for crafts. And I'm thinking as she gets older, we'll want more room for painting and craftmaking and sewing, right? Tell me the truth moms. More room for dress up and play kitchen and toys - or more room for drawing and creating?

So this is the "dream plan". We still have to price out all that cabinetry for the craft area... and it doesn't help that I fell in love all over again with the Martha Stewart cabinets when I saw them at my local Home Depot... so who knows, my plans for 10 long narrow stacked drawers to store fabrics and paint pots and wrapping paper and a 10' long banquette may turn to dust when we realize all we can afford is a 2' long bench and a pot drawer!

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