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Big Room for a Little Girl

As part of our basement plans, you may have noticed that we're incorporating a work station. Since I started working from home, I've come to realize that I don't need an entire home office; I just need a few feet of desk space, some drawers to store essentials, and I'm good to go. By moving the office into the basement, I'll also be able to watch Chloe at play while I work.

So what are we going to do with the room that we currently use as a home office? Its going to become Chloe's big girl room!!! Yay! Chloe's current nursery/guest bedroom will stay as it is, for any other little ones that come along and for visiting grandmas.

I am sooooo excited about this. Kids' rooms are my absolute favourite thing to design (heck, I have a whole other blog devoted to kid design). Kids' rooms invite you to be fun and cheerful, to experiment with colour. I find that the details matter even moreso in these rooms. From the tiny prints on your bedding, the nooks and niches, shelves and cubbies to store little people stuff, the colourful spines of well-read books on the bookshelf, and the stuffed animals lining the bed - everything matters. Why is that? Maybe its because these little details become ingrained in the memories of little occupants. Don't you remember the wallpaper hanging in your room when you were six or how you had your favourite collection of figurines displayed on your bookshelf? I sure do.

Thought I'd share some images that are inspiring me for this room...

This room by Katie Ridder is functional and beautiful. I love how every available space has been used, like that sliver of cork board for display, and the swing arm lamp that keeps the side table space free. The paint colours and fabrics are great too; they're young and fun but don't look too childish.

This room by Tracery Interiors is so delicious. Just because you're five doesn't mean your room can't have great architectural details! And the pink they've used is so sophisticated. Paired with a putty grey, its a more muted and restful look.

Whimsical and sweet. The curvy headboard and footboard, the butterfly fabric, the colours of the decals echoed in the pillowcase, and the whitewashed yummy!

This room by Lotus Bleu mixes both the traditional and the modern. I like the classic furnishings (I hope to incorporate some vintage pieces in Chloe's space) paired with bold modern fabrics and paint. I also like the idea of painting the ceiling a different colour.

Chloe will have a daybed in her room so this room by Masucco Warner Miller is great inspiration. I love the built-in look and how they've added a headboard. The chandelier is pretty awesome too.

An eclectic, vintagey room. I could imagine spending hours in this room playing dressup or having a tea party on the floor, if it were mine. Nothing seems too precious in the room which I like.

I would have loved this room by Jan Eleni when I was a little girl. Its pink but not too pink. Its soft and pretty but also feels personalized and young.

A really great white room. Who says kids rooms have to be painted in crazy colours? And that bed and side table are just fabulous.

This room by Full House may be my favourite of all. Its stylish and pretty, not too sugary or overdone. Its also full of DIY projects and personal details. So lovely!

More on Chloe's room to come!

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