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GREAT READS: A Year-End Blog Tour Part V

by - Friday, December 31, 2010

This week, I'll be introducing you to some of my most favourite bloggers. I've asked them to tell you a bit about their blog and provide a link to their favourite post they've written in the past year.

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About the blog:Full House is a blog that is used for an outlet and a place to put design related posts that have to do with things ranging from the design of motherhood to the design of a bedroom. The majority of the items posted are design related with an emphasis on interiors. (Note from Jennifer: I would also add that Christina's blog offers a glimpse of a stylish, creative, loving and very full household with twin girls and triplet boys!)
My favourite post:
Do you know it is really hard to pick a favorite post:-) Seriously, thanks for the opportunity because it gave me a chance to reflect on events that happened last year that made me happy. I had many motherhood posts that I liked but settled on a post when my family went to stay with my in-laws on the farm during the summer. I didn't say anything profound and it wasn't really all that interesting but it just makes me happy and I felt like the pictures I took captured the fun times. It was one of the best times I had all year because it was so peaceful, freeing, fun and relaxing.

As far as a design related post I remember really liking the below post because it involved food pictures. I love anything honey whether it be food or color related.

About the blog:Everything LEB is about me and my journey to turn my apartment into a home with my now fiance. Along the way there are many inspirational photos, DIY projects and a few wedding posts here and there (at least till March 2011).
My favourite post:
My favorite post from this year is one of my all time favorite DIY projects - my zig zag tray:

About the blog:Bijou and Boheme is a blog devoted to all things pretty. Here you'll find images that inspire beauty in design, fashion and life. An escape.
My favourite post:
Choosing my favourite post was actually not that difficult, which is surprising because I'm definitely not the world's best editor. In this case though, I easily picked my story inspired by jewelry line Fenton-Fallon. I think it was the first post that really felt true to my voice and style. I love writing these little fantasies and hope to do more vignettes filled with gorgeous pictures and fun little tales. I hope you enjoy!

About the blog:
Becoming Mom follows the trials and tribulations of Ariana Falerni as she attempts to be a good mother to a terrible two while trying to simultaneously keep her new photography business afloat.
My favourite post:
Jasper's Second Birthday Backyard Bonanza!

About the blog:
Moth Design is a portfolio of sorts; a collection of posts, images, and musings, which I hope provide inspiration for beautiful design in a life well lived.
My favourite post:
I'm a sentimental sap at heart, so my post of my ten most precious things in life is dear to my heart....
And from an aesthetic respect I'd have to say that my 'equine style' post would also be a favourite...

About the blog:First, thank you Jennifer for including me! I've loved reading your blog and watching your house transformation!! My blog is mostly written about the account of our home with three young children and the things I love to do {some with the children & some without}: sew, bake, renovate, photograph, & explore!
My favourite post:
Our summer trip to my parents farm in Southern Illinois:


A huge Thank You to all the fabulous bloggers who participated in my Great Reads Blog Tour 2010! I've loved learning more about you and seeing what favourite posts are dear to your hearts. Hope you readers enjoyed the series and found some new blogs to follow!

Be sure to check out all the other Great Reads in Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV!


And in case you were wondering what my favourite post of 2010 was, I narrowed it down to two - this one about what's inside my home and this one about what's inside my heart.

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