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Happy New Year!

As 2010 draws to a close, I naturally took a look back at old posts to see what we accomplished this year... and from a reno & design standpoint, we didn't do too much!

Sure, we finally redesigned the master bedroom and got a good night's sleep. And we did make some fun things for the kiddo like built her a play kitchen and gave her mini-chair a makeover.

But other than that, mostly little projects got done. I made some art out of milk bottle caps and cleaned up the office. HandyMan built some rad rad covers for the bedroom and entry. We got the bathroom door installed to add a hint of Paris to our petite salle de bain and put in a runner to enhance the entry.

But mostly, we spent our time hitting antique fair after antique fair after antique fair. We started to get comfortable in our roles as parents, revelling in the mundane moments and the big birthday celebrations but getting a little melancholy too when our realized babies become toddlers in the blink of an eye. I also spent some time with blogger friends, in groups big and small and got to hang out with some pretty famous people here and there.

It was a good year, a full year - and I've enjoyed having you along for the ride. But I'm ready to turn the page and start with a brand new slate. Come with me, won't you? But first - we must celebrate!


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