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The Love List

by - Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Have you left a comment today? Help me do some good by commenting for my Cans for Comments campaign! We've got 58 cans in the cart so far and counting...


Just a mid-week post about lovely things that have caught my eye lately. I'm loving...

These suzani-inspired ornaments. Such an unexpected holiday colour palette!

These customizable paper dolls. A perfect mini-me for that little girl in your life. And you can get seasonal outfits too. I think you could even decoupage these and make some lovely art like Erika did in her nursery.

This sparkling pink village. I think Christine needs these in her home, to go with the rest of her lovely pink decor.

I'll take one of everything in this store. It seems my affection for brown paper packages tied up with string continues.

This summer kitchen is a welcome escape from the 6 inches of snow currently sitting outside my window.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. great thing you are doing with the cans for comments. love your blog! :)

  2. That kitchen IS great. It's like furniture it's so shiny and polished.

  3. Embrace the 6 inches of snow...London almost declared a state of emergency because of the dumping we are getting! (The malls just closed!!) =o)

  4. I would love a sparkly pink christmas tree but can't justify ignoring all of my great traditional decorations in red, green and silver

  5. Love the LetterboxCo, you could spend up big in this shop. Gorgeous kitchen. Great idea with the Can for Comments.

  6. Shauna - I can live with the 6". I went to Western so I remember the London snowstorms well!

  7. yes to all of it!!! There is something about pink that I just love for the holidays...

  8. Anonymous1:46 PM

    I enjoy reading your blog. Cans for Comments is a GREAT thing. All the best to your family during the holidays!!!
    - R

  9. Cans for comments-- great idea! I'm also loving the suzani-inspired ornaments... beautiful. Love your blog!

  10. Anonymous5:34 PM

    I love the cans for comments plan too. Good for you!! And you have 6 inches of snow? Brr.


  11. Loving your cans for comments campaign! Great idea Jennifer! :)

    Those ornaments are GORGEOUS! Love 'em!

  12. Love those Suzani ornaments! Right up my alley!

  13. Love the Christmas card. Your little family is so cute. I also think the custom wrapping paper is a great idea.

    Take care,

  14. Love all of this- no big surprise there;) Thanks for the mention- very sweet of you and I do indeed love that little big village- adorable! xo

  15. Those pink ornaments are so pretty...I'd have a hard time taking them down at the end of the season.

    *Tania @

  16. loving every inch of that kitchen~! so pretty


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