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Becoming A Bee

by - Wednesday, April 13, 2011

For Chloe's little bug picnic birthday, I've made some bumble bee headbands. They're super easy to make look awfully cute on the wee ones. First, get some styrofoam balls at the dollar store. Stick them on toothpicks and spraypaint them whatever colour you want. 

Get some kid-sized headbands too (not pictured). The ones I found were sparkly and pink so I sprayed them black. Gather up the rest of your materials: the painted balls, craft glue, and pipe cleaners.
Wrap the pipe cleaner around one finger, leaving a three-inch length on one side.
Put some glue on the spiral end.
Stick the ball on the spiral end and wrap the long end around the headband. Do the same with the other antenna.

Find the nearest little bug and have them begrudgingly model your masterpiece :)

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