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Chloe At Two

by - Thursday, April 14, 2011

{Warning: kiddie photo overload ahead}

Happy Birthday Chloe! There is a saying "the days drag on but the years fly by"and that is never more true than when spoken about a two-year old. In the blink of an eye, this little babe...

...has become a little girl who never sits still and is full of boundless energy. Chloe is confident, determined, and lets nothing stand in her way. She runs fast, climbs high, and thinks "no" means try harder. She is independent and likes to do things her own way, on her own time. She is two!!

Chloe at two:
- is friendly and social
- is potty trained except for nighttime (wahoo!)
- is afraid of dogs
- prefers to hang out with the babies or the bigger kids
- is an accessories girl. Hats, sunglasses, purses are part of her everyday play outfits
- is always running
- is likely left-handed
- knows where to find the Dora videos on my iPhone
- loves oranges, grapefruit, and even lemons
- hates showers and loves bubblebaths
- is selective with her hugs and kisses
- likes to kiss European style - two kisses on each cheek!
- says I Love You and melts my heart

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