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Bloggers Give Back: An Update

by - Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wonderful things are happening on the Bloggers Give Back project I'm working on with some other fab bloggers. We are all professed 'black thumbs' so it was important that we find a garden designer with some know-how, one who could help us create a garden that would meet the needs of the residents, a garden that  could "thrive on neglect". A tall order but we managed to find the perfect person to help us out. Frank Ferrigine aka Frankie Flowers is a local celebrity and arguably Canada's top gardening authority.

That's Frank on the cover of his new book. We're so excited to be working with him and bring his vision to reality.

To help make that happen, we are holding an online auction to raise funds. From now until April 23rd, you have the chance to bid on some wonderful items - gorgeous faucets from Delta, dinner and tickets to see the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, stunning artwork by Leigh Viner to name just a few. Do check out the auction page and see if there is something for you!

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