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Christie Antique Show Meetup!

by - Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time to clear out the car and get your shopping list together for the Christie Antique Show is happening this Saturday! Canada's largest antique show features over 300 dealers and a wide array of goods. I've been waiting for this show all year - it's THAT good.

And since many of us (readers & fellow bloggers) will be there as well, let's meet up! It'll be a quick chance to compare finds and say hello before you head back out into the fair frenzy.
When: 11:00am, Saturday May 28th
Where: At the brick pavilion behind the food vendors. See yellow arrow on the map.

If you're new to antiquing, here's some tips on how to bargain at the fair. Some of my tips for enjoying the show:
- start the show at the south end (near the food vendors), away from the crowds
- if you buy a large piece, pay for it and have the vendor keep it at the booth. Make sure to take note which booth and aisle you purchased at. Just before you leave, pick up all your purchases.
- a hat, comfy shoes, and water are must haves. Bring your own food and snacks too if hamburgers and fries aren't your thing.
- leave the little ones at home if you can. Its usually a crowded, hot day and the uneven terrain and packed aisles make it difficult to move a stroller about

 Hope to see you there!

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