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Finds At The Christie Antique Show Fair

by - Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another weekend, another antiquing adventure. We had great fun at the Christie Antique Show - and not just because we were kiddo-free! Chloe had her first over night stay at my parents house and they watched her while we were out tromping through the muddy fields in search of old treasure.

Well, we didn't really come back with old treasure... just a cool wool military blanket. And then there was the perfect harvest table that got away. I've been on the hunt for a table for about two years now and we finally found one in the last hour of the show. It was the right size, was painted and chippy in all the right places and the price was ok. 

Then we broke the Cardinal Rule of Thrifting/Antiquing/Flea Market shopping - if you like it, buy it. Yes, we walked away from the perfect harvest table to mull it over. We went back to the car to check dimensions and make sure it would fit, thinking that no one would buy the table in the 20 minutes we were gone. Of course, we came back and it was sold :( Argh.

Oh well, I'm willing to wait until the next perfect harvest table comes along. We had a fun time at the show - it seemed to have more vendors,  more goods, and more people than last year! I also met up with some fab bloggers: Chris from Just Beachy, Shannon from What's Up Whimsy, Chanelle from designBLISSinc, and Sarah from Cozy.Cottage.Cute (who scored a truckful of finds - can't wait to see them on her blog!) and I also ran into my neighbour/reader Geeta. Here's a few things that caught my eye:

Bunting in bedrooms is a hot look right now (Chloe has some of her birthday bunting in her room). I thought these vintage pennants would look great strung up in a teen boy's room, or at the cottage to give sort of a campy, home away from home feel.

These oversized cardboard cutouts were so fun. I think they came from a carnival; they looked like those signs at the watergun racing booth. Wouldn't they be great in a playroom or a toddler's bedroom?


Lots of old frames and vintage keys, just waiting to be turned into your latest art project.

This vendor from Quebec had lots of industrial vintage furniture. I don't know what I need a metal secretary cart for - but I want one!

Antique shows are also great places to pick up ideas for display. This booth had lots of cool things in bell jars. I especially like the baseball glove.

A beautiful chest of drawers. Look at the detail on those handles!

A gorgeous chandelier. Can't you picture this as the striking centrepiece in a grand foyer or over a rustic dining table?

There was a set of four of these retro carollers. If only they didn't cost $540, otherwise you can be sure they'd be showing up on my lawn next Christmas!

I loved these nautical buoys. Perfectly chipped, fantastic colours.

A super long parsons bench. These are pretty common at antique shows. I love them in a matte black. Their simple shape and country feel would look great in a modern setting.

And how was your weekend?

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