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Living Room: A Painted Hutch

by - Thursday, June 23, 2011

Now that we finally got the broken glass replaced, I can show you how the display hutch turned out. The hutch and buffet which started out looking like this, now looks like this:

What do you think? We tried to update the look a bit by using a bold colour (Schoolhouse Slate by Martha Stewart) and adding some new hardware, the Ripe Melon yellow drop pull from Anthropologie, and the three Louis XVI old brass ring pulls from Lee Valley.

The hutch and the dresser which sits on the other side of the room have similar lines and work well together. We debated getting two dressers or two hutches as many of you suggested for a more symmetrical look, but the reality was I need both display space and closed storage so this was the best option for us.

I really like having a place to display treasured items, like an antique painting, a few family photos and pretty things, and our formal china which only gets to see daylight at Christmastime.

I still don't think I have the hang of this "styling" thing but at least I can see these pieces instead of having them hidden away in boxes. Maybe I'll be more inclined to use my finer china now too. Do you have formal dishes? Do you use them regularly or is it more of a special occasion type of thing?

For the eagle-eyed, you may have also noticed my new draperies. They were made by the always fabulous Tonic Living and the pattern is Theo in Marble. Love love love these drapes, maybe as much as I love the ones Tonic made for our master bedroom. As you can start to see, we've used way more pattern and colour in this room than any other room in our house! Soon, I'll show you the whole room. Soon :)

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