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Thrift: Display Case

Do you ever go to the thrift store and find something interesting and then ask yourself "but what do I do with that?" That happens to me all the time and usually I leave the thing behind. But today I bought the thing. It was this:

... and it reminded me of this:
I had seen the Clarus Display Box when I went to the Crate & Barrel tweetup event, but I wasn't about to fork over $79.95 for it. So when I spied this galvanized metal & glass case for only $4.99, I didn't hesitate to pick it up.

I'm still stuck though... what do I put inside it?? I can see filling it with ornaments at Christmas or pinecones in the Fall. Maybe I fill it with those rocks that Chloe is fond of picking up? All I could think of was these shells. I know, I need more shells! I could do what blogger The Stories of A to Z did and get some faux coral at the pet store and spraypaint it and add that in too.

Till inspiration hits, I'll leave the shells in there. It kinda works with the beachy picture, right?

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