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Adventures In Thrifting

by - Sunday, July 10, 2011

What a weekend! We did everything I mentioned in my last post and I am EXHAUSTED. I need another weekend to recover!

The weekend started off with a bang when I met up with Vanessa, Amy, and Tim for "I <3 Thrifting", Toronto Edition. HandyMan and Chloe joined us too - well, really, I went thrifting and HandyMan chased Chloe around the stores. He's awesome that way :)

Our first stop was at Talize. We spent the first twenty minutes chatting and catching up (a theme for the day!) and I surprised my fellow thrifters with a "thrifting survival kit". Everyone got a reusable cotton bag with a bottle of water and small bottle of hand sanitizer inside. We expected to be fondling a lot of dusty goods that day, haha!

Talize was a thrifter's paradise. None of us had ever been to Talize but we all managed to leave the store with something in hand! It could have been because there really were good deals - or because we were all "enablers", encouraging each other to buy buy buy, lol! It was a huge place and carried a mix of new and preloved goods. Prices were really good too, less than Value Village I think. Here's a few things that caught my eye:

...pretty lampshades and a clear glass lamp base that would look at home in a feminine bedroom

...piles of sports equipment. Imagine a pair of golf clubs or tennis rackets displayed on a wall in your man cave. Hang them vertically one over the other to create unique art.

...Chloe found something she liked too (if she was tall enough to reach the pedals, I might have bought it).

We hit Value Village next but didn't find much there so we headed on to the Goodwill. I'd heard this location had tons of furniture - and it did, but all the pieces I liked were already sold. It seemed like they had a high turnover of furniture though so if you're in the area, its definitely a store you'll want to visit frequently.

I considered getting this cute pair of doggie paint-by-number-art but since I already have this pair which I still have yet to hang, I let them go. A definite steal at only $10 each.


There was tons of tons of glassware and tchotchkes...

... and vintage luggage.

We all managed to find something we liked...

... but at the end of the day this is what came home with me:

A teak display bowl & lid; mini milk bottles, a cake stand, and a cute jar I'll use to hold pens and pencils in my office. Not bad for $14. It was an incredibly fun morning and I know we all hope to do it again soon!

So what were you up to this weekend? Any good thrifting stories to share?

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