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Craving the DIY

by - Wednesday, July 13, 2011

With the living room reno done and plans to start the basement reno later this summer, I'm itching to start on another project. But what to do? Poking around Pinterest and around the web, here's a few DIY projects that caught my eye...

Make an antiqued mirror. Before I created this huge photograph of Chloe in the living room, I contemplated putting a rectangular mirror over the dresser. An antique mirror would suit the room best and I loved the look of these mirrors, with their mottled appearance and uneven patterning. But the "real" antique mirrors I found weren't the right shape, definitely weren't as large as I wanted, and were expensive. This DIY version is still something I might do - maybe I do a giant mirrored wall behind the living room TV? You could do this with any size or shape of mirror and use the acid treatment to give it an antique look.

Making art out of everyday items. HandyMan has a box of old receipts, ledgers and notes from when his grandfather owned a grocery store. I've always thought it would be great to take some of this ephemera and blow it up and turn it into art. {Can you tell I have an obsession with oversized art lately?}   You can create art out of the most ordinary objects, like this dollar bill art by Full House.

Build something for the kid. Chloe still plays with her retro play kitchen almost every day. When we built it, I felt empowered using the big power tools. I'd love to break out the power tools again and give her something I know she'd enjoy. This kid-sized picnic table from DIY goddess Ana White would be perfect for the summertime when all Chloe wants to do is be outside.

Source: None via Lauren on Pinterest

Source: None via Kendra on Pinterest

Embellish furniture. The sideboard in our living room is too dark and uniform in colour. An easy fix would be to transform it with paint, stencils, nailheads, or decoupage. It'll be hard to decide what look I like best.

Break out the sewing machine. So this project would probably bring the most benefit. If I learned how to sew, I could actually make that apron for Chloe I planned on. I could make pillow covers and hair bands and pillowcase dresses and all those cute things I see Emily Jones making. I could stop spending my money on Etsy and create those Christmas crafts and pillowcases myself. I actually took a sewing class years ago so I know the basics, and I have not one but two old sewing machines stowed away somewhere in this house... but somehow I find the idea of sewing on my own daunting. Crazy, right? Its just a smaller power tool, isn't it?

So that's what I'm up to lately... a lot of thinking and not much doing. I must find a project for these bored, idle hands but I'm stuck in a weird state of inertia. How about you... what are you tackling lately? Anything fun on your project list?

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