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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

by - Friday, July 15, 2011

Chloe finally went to the salon for her first real haircut. I've been trimming her bangs up until now - an exercise which involved Dora videos, cookies, dancing Grandpas, and many many tears - but it was time to recognize her scraggly locks were beyond my basic skills.

So my shaggy, messy ragamuffin got a trim...

...and became an angelic looking big girl. The hairdresser was a ninja, simultaneously distracting Chloe with plastic figurines and chatter about butterflies and bubbles while whipping her hair into shape in three minutes flat. It was worth my $20. Chloe was pretty happy too and is already saying "hair cut next time mommy, next time" which is toddler-speak for "the hair cut lady doesn't make me cry and gives me lollipops." Works for me, Chloe!

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