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Old and New... Design Editor

by - Saturday, July 30, 2011

I've asked some wonderful bloggers to post about their favourite Old & New things - the old things which infuse their homes with history, meaning, or a sense of family, and the new things which make their home feel fresh and modern.
If you haven't visited Design Editor, the blog of today's guest Catherine, you're in for a visual treat. Just as the name implies, Catherine writes a well-edited blog about lovely things... fabulous fonts, illustrations, home design, with a dash of life with twin girls thrown in. I appreciate her simple style and her choice of old and new things too...


Hi, I'm Catherine at Design Editor! On the left, is one of my favorite old things - silhouettes of my grandparents done in 1944. I love their hats. Its one of the few things I have from their house and I cherish them. The style still holds up today!

For my new favorite thing, I'm loving my brand new pegboard wall in my home office. Nine feet by four feet -- can't beat that for vertical storage!


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