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Old and New... Marcus Design

by - Monday, August 01, 2011

I've asked some wonderful bloggers to post about their favourite Old & New things - the old things which infuse their homes with history, meaning, or a sense of family, and the new things which make their home feel fresh and modern.
Today let's welcome the very sweet Nancy from Marcus Design. Not only does Nancy have exquisite taste (her home oozes Hollywood Glamour) but she is a smartypants too. I'm looking forward to meeting up with Nancy while I'm on vacation!  Let's see what very special and beautiful things Nancy has picked to share with us...


Hello lovely RR readers!! I'm really excited to be visiting here today, and have the chance to share my favorite "Old & New" things in my home. Thank you Jen for having me!

For me, nothing in my home is more sentimental than objects that remind me of family. What makes a home really a home more than the people in it? Family photos displayed throughout my home truly instill a feeling of comfort. I've framed the wedding photos of both my grandparents and my husbands grandparents in vintage-looking frames that I show off with pride ... how sweet are these over-70-year-old images? We actually had these pictures displayed at our own wedding, and they evoke a deep sense of history within our families.

My favorite 'new' item changes all the time, pretty much as I buy something new it becomes my latest favorite :) So the current items that still make me smile every time I pass by the office doorway are my 'his-and-hers' matching Eames management replica chairs. They were a wonderful price through and I adore them! Sure, they are white {possibly impractical, don't tell hubby}, but the look that they bring to the space is soooo worth it! But of course, I'm hoping to keep adding 'new' favorite items to my home as frequently as I possibly can, wink wink :)


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