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4 Years

by - Friday, August 26, 2011

On a beautiful sunny Sunday four years ago, I married my best friend. It was amazing to me that the person who took me to a condo showroom and a lighting store on our first date, the one who shared the same interests as me, the one who made me feel the most "me" I've ever felt, was the one I got to spend the rest of my life with. And I am still as happy in love with him today as I was that day I said I Do.

HandyMan and I met on an online dating site. Does that surprise you? After a few failed long-term relationships, it took the power of the soulless internet to bring us what we were looking for all along! My profile said something like "I have an appreciation for architecture and design"... and his said "if you know who Le Corbusier is, then you know why I'll never shop at The Brick" -- it was a match made in design heaven.  But for all our design synchronicity, the thing I love most about this best-friend-of-mine is how he loves me and Chloe.

Its in the way he takes out the garbage every week or cleans the kitchen without prodding. How he makes up silly games and plays with Chloe before bedtime so she'll be tired and easier for me to put to bed. How he goes along with my ambitious decorating ideas (even though he's sometimes sure they won't work but trusts my vision anyways). How he talks glowingly about his daughter and wife to everyone he meets. Four years and one child into this marriage, I have the security and peace of knowing I have the right partner.

Happy Anniversary Sean. How very lucky I am to be your wife. xoxo.


You can read more about our wedding herehere, and here.

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