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Adventures In Sewing

by - Sunday, August 28, 2011

So I spent the weekend getting reacquainted with my sewing machine. Okay its really Mama HandyMan's old sewing machine (as in 1975 old!) so it was more like meeting a complete stranger. I tried looking on You Tube for videos to help me get started, like how to wind a bobbin and how to thread a sewing machine (can we say newbie?) - but I guess sewing machines from 1975 are a rarity because the models in the videos were nothing like mine! Good thing I managed to dig up the manual and other sewing supplies from our storage or I would have chucked that machine back into the closet.

If you follow me on Facebook you would have seen I had some issues figuring out the tension on the machine but Barbara and some other kind readers were encouraging so I kept plugging away at it. So what did I make?

I've had this box of cute fabric waiting to be sewed up for the last year. I thought making a tea towel for Chloe's play kitchen would be an easy project. I picked one fabric for the main part, hemmed it on three sides, added an accent fabric on the bottom and covered up the seam with some pom-pom fringe.

Yes, my seams don't line up. I need some practice!

But I think it turned out looking pretty cute. {Plus Chloe won't my notice my bad sewing job}

Well, that wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. Maybe I'll sew Chloe's Halloween costume!?

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