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Sew On: Simple Envelope-Backed Pillow

Don't worry folks, this isn't about to turn into a sewing blog. I'm not that crafty ;) But I decided I needed to get a few more sewing projects under my belt before I try and tackle Chloe's Hallowe'en costume. Since I already made the world's simplest tea towel my first time out, I decided to try the second-simplest project ever... an envelope-backed pillow.

Do you know you can find tutorials and free patterns on the internet for almost every sewing project imaginable? I used this very simple pillow tutorial from The Pleated Poppy.

For this project I used some extra fabric I had leftover from the curtains we have hanging in our kitchen. The curtains were from Ikea and the fabric is a nice thick cotton with a yellow stripe pattern. I followed The Pleated Poppy tutorial step by step but didn't have any rick rack trim. I could have left off the trim, but to keep this challenging, I decided to add some pom pom trim instead. Here it is all pinned up.

It was a bit confusing to figure out... you have to attach the trim to the "right" side and sew the trim facing inward so that when you sew all the seams together, the pom poms will flip outward. Make sense? Here it is all pinned up... this the back of the pillow with the "wrong" side out.

And here is the finished product, front and back...

Not bad. I wish it fit a bit more snug though. And I'm not sure if the pom pom trim is supposed to look like that. Should the flat part of the trim be showing more or less? Anyone?

Maybe next time I'll try one of Barbara's fancy pillows with a zipper. Baby steps here, folks.

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