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DIY Sewing Box Organizer

Did you all have a good Labour Day? I really enjoyed the extra day off but find this time of year bittersweet... I can't help but think about all those things I meant to do this summer but didn't! It was a hoodie & closed-toe shoe kind of day around here so I'm definitely feeling like summer is over. :(

One of the things I do love though about early September is that back-to-school, energized, time to set some goals feeling that pervades the crisp cool air. All those shiny pencil crayons and erasers and binders in the stores make me want to get organized! So I did! 

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But since I have no school supplies to speak of, I organized my sewing supplies and created my own DIY sewing box organizer. I had a few supplies left from the sewing class I took about 8 years ago. I added in some things I inherited from Mama Handyluster and threw in the tools from this awesome sewing kit I got in my gift bag from the exhibit Ikea event.

And I put them all in this three-tier fishing tackle box. Pretty handy, right? The tackle box has all these little compartments, perfect for bobbins and thread and other sewing things I have no clue about. It makes my rainbow-coordinated thread look cute though! I can also put a lock on the box which is great because there is a very curious toddler always lurking over my shoulder.

This budget sewing box organizer was a great alternative to 'custom' sewing kit storage. Sure you can opt for a traditional sewing kit, but this tackle box sewing kit will cost you much less

diy sewing box organizer, sewing kit storage, diy sewing kit, tool box sewing kit

Once I got everything organized, I bust it all out again and got crafty with it. Sewing project #2 up in the next post!

Where do you keep your sewing supplies? I looked around for a fun sewing box but all the ones I found were big, bulky, and expensive. Maybe there are hip sewing boxes out there I just don't know about?

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