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Brass Beauties

by - Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Brass is back, in a big way. I'll admit that I've always been more of a cool metal person. I prefer brushed nickel hardware on kitchen cabinetry, chrome fixtures in the shower, and silver rings on my fingers. But lately I've had a thing for brass bling. I spied these brass beauties (only $149 each) over at foc! Furnishings On Consignment, one of my sponsors:

With a little bit of styling, they could look like this lovely in Tommy Smythe's old apartment...

Or this...
Design by Hillary Thomas via LonnyMag
via Gold & Gray blog
or this one in Eddie Ross' home...

If I had the room, I'd be scooping them up! What do you think of brass? Do you like your metals hot or cold?

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